You can’t really see what’s happening, but I’ve been spending time integrating this website’s code base with Github, such that every time I make any new posts and commit them to my private Github repo, it will automatically compile and update my website files. This eliminates the I’d usually spend to manually login via FTP client (or SSH) and copy-paste the individual files. I’m particularly happy with how things are so far!

Within the upcoming days, I’ll be working on replacing the default Jekyll theme (Minima) with my own layout. In case anyone ever wondered, my very first FTP-hosted website was on, which has been around for many, many years(!). It’s embarassing to look back at my past, but it does make me realise how much things have changed since then.

My old website is still available, and as you may notice, I’ve had the name “Laksapedia” in my mind for many years (2004, to be exact), and I’m surprised nobody had bought it yet when I purchased the domain name last December.

I don’t plan to migrate anything from my account on, but I just made a backup today, for nostalgia sake.

Man, time flies.