Hi everyone! LWY here. This is my first post generated with Jekyll, a static website/blog generator.

I’ve always wanted to develop my own portfolio website, but for the longest time I put the idea off because I thought it was too complex or time-consuming (being influenced by years of developing enterprise-level SPAs).

For those who are new here, this is actually a continuation of my old dev blog, which was using Wordpress. The CMS itself was slow and difficult to navigate around, and there were a lot of comment bot spams.

I really appreciated visitors who left comments in my blog posts. But I figured there wasn’t much value anymore since I’m usually unable to help when visitors ask questions about articles which I wrote years ago, which I’d have forgotten by now.

If you ever need to contact me, feel free to ping me via my social media pages below instead. I hope you enjoy your visit to my new website.

For people who’ve been following me, welcome back. I hope you’ll continue to drop by every now and then. I appreciate your support!