I’ve been taking my time to explore ZillaLib, a C/C++ 2D/3D game framework. I like it so far!

What better way to get started with ZillaLib, than to write a port of PixiJS’s BunnyMark to roughly gauge the performance of the framework! Somehow it performs really poorly on Chrome, but on Firefox it’s smooth as butter.

I’m not going to bother with improving the framerate or performance for now since I’m very unlikely to draw more than 100 sprites on the screen for my first few web games.


Left/right click on screen      = Add bunnies
Spacebar/Return                 = Reset
Status: Loading...

I love how ZillaLib is pretty easy to use! There were some initial hurdles, but the author has been very responsive and helpful in helping me resolve the bugs.

I’m a little sad to abandon Wyngine at this point, but it’s a small compromise (resisting the reinvent the wheel) in order to start creating stuff that really matters to me (web games for my blog, maybe).

The code for the ZillaLib BunnyMark can be found here.