I think I was somewhat productive last weekend. I continued work on Wyngine, and completed a naive keyboard implementation. The only nice-to-have thing which I didn’t implement was a text cursor, but I think the current feature set is good enough for MUD-like games for now.

Above is a demo of the keyboard: I’m using a mini-ascii font sheet, so as long as the keypress is a valid character in the mini-ascii sheet, it should render above. I only implemented two non-character inputs I implemented were backspace (deletes the last character in the string) and enter (adds a \n character to the string).

The next (and last) feature for Wyngine 1.0 shall be a music synthesizer. Since I want to make retro-like games, it makes sense to implement an NES or Gameboy-like APU. It’s going to be tough, since I’ve never done emulation before, but it’s something fun to think about for the next few weeks.